Pre Class Req’s

Here are a few things you need to know before you attend your class…

1/ Ensure you have completed your registration form 24 hours before your class starts. This form can be found here

2/ Please arrive 5 minutes early and ensure you have read the new COVID arrival and class policy which can be found under the FAQ’s on this page and also on the  registration form.

3/ There is a strict 5 minute window to wait for late-comers. Due to insurance / new COVID regulations if you arrive after class has started we can not let you join in. Please don’t feel mad with your instructor if this happens, it has to be this way.

4/ Please do not use any cream based moisturiser the day of a class. If you need to moisturise, we recommend a gel based after sun product. (Choose a specific non-greasy 24 hour hydration product and apply in the morning)

5/ Strictly no jewellery in class. No only do we not want our equipment scratching, we don’t want any injury to you! (Facial dermal piercings and earrings are fine)

6/ Your instructor is First Aid trained. In the event of an injury, please immediately get the attention of your instructor. One person to come forward for assistance and all other class members please stay at their stations unless requested for help.

7/ Ensure you are aware where the fire exits and emergency meeting point is before participating in class. If you aren’t sure, please ask for this to be made clear to you after the pre-class announcements.

8/ We are happy for students to take photos and videos at the end of class before cool down, many of these photos are uploaded onto social media. If you do not want to be featured in the background of any photos / videos, please make your instructor aware.  We ask that you don’t upload any photos you think background students may not be happy with! Ask yourself – ‘Would I want that uploading?!’

9/ Lastly, if you see / hear anything that you think your instructor should be aware of, you can tell her in strictest confidence.

10/ … and just because I feel I can’t end on a number 9…. HAVE FUN!