Aerial Playground 2! Aerial Hoop, Aerial Cube, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Tippy Hoop, Aerial Rope, Acro Balance, Leyland Preston Lancs

Aerial Hoop, Aerial Cube, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Tippy Hoop, Aerial Rope, Acro Balance, Leyland Preston Lancs

Its coming back!
Aerial Hoop, Aerial Cube, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Tippy Hoop, Aerial Rope, Acro Balance at CirqueFit, Marathon Place, Leyland, Preston Lancs PR26 7QN
Due to the success of our last Aerial Playground fundraiser, we will soon be announcing our next event to take place in September!
This time, we will be fundraising for St. Catherine Hospice as part of Amanda and Pam’s 2017 fundraising extravaganza!

Places are limited and first places will be offered to students of CirqueFit and those who took place in July’s event. Following that, the last few spaces will be advertised.
If you are interested, please register here to be the first to know.

Here’s a reminder of how awesome our last event was!

Whether you are an experienced aerialist or a total beginner, this is the place for you!
We offer uninstructed jam time or instructed tuition.
Heres a bit about CirqueFit…

You don’t have to be great to start

But you do have to start to be great

Aerial hoop and Aerial Cube lessons Leyland, Preston, Lancashire.
Classes held at CrossFit, Marathon Place, Leyland, PR26 7QN or in your own gym/studio/home.

Weekly Aerial Hoop and Aerial Cube Classes in Leyland, Preston, Lancashire – with NorthWest workshop and private tuition availability.

Aerial is a fantastic thing. A hobby, a form of fitness, a sport, an addiction, a social pastime… whatever you may think it will be to you, it will turn out to be so much more.

No matter what age or fitness ability, everyone has to start somewhere.
Hence our quote… “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!”

We offer weekly Aerial Cube and Aerial Hoop fitness classes in Leyland with a mixture of all ages and all abilities – from total beginners to aerialists with a few years experience. Some who are very focussed on progressing, others who just like to have fun on a weekly basis with their new found aerial friends.

If you are considering starting Aerial Hoop or Aerial cube fitness classes, but have questions or concerns, just get in touch.
Head over to our Facebook page at

If you would like your gym or studio to host an Aerial Hoop or Cube workshop, just ask them to get in touch with us to enquire about availability.

Alternatively if you want to try it out first but don’t fancy your first attempt in a class environment, why not try an hour private tuition?

We look forward to hearing from you.

CirqueFit, Marathon Place, Leyland, PR26 7QN
Aerial Hoop, Aerial Cube, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Tippy Hoop, Aerial Rope, Acro Balance

Our Aerial Cube Performance from todays Aerial Playground Fundraiser at CrossFit Leyland

I am so proud of Sian, she was a total beginner student of mine for a few month last year at the studio I used to work at, then had a massive break and has only been back since May – so really hasn’t been doing aerial for long.

It takes balls to get up in front of an audience, especially one with lots of other aerialists in it! But she SMASHED it and looked amazing! \

Anyway enough about us….

Thank you to each and every one of you who attended today. We raised a whopping £260 for Cathy Wilson s amazing and inspirational adventure
<- click her name! Need I say more!

We wish her all the luck in the world. She sent her thanks on Facebook and said the support has been truly overwhelming, |

Few more thanks – thanks to Imogen Brown from Air Hoop for the walk! Thanks to Erica for the rigging and for your fun Silks performance.

Thanks to Victoria from Pole Seduction for lending us her mats. (she runs adult and childrens pole classes in Preston and Wigan, along with aerial hoop)

Thanks to my beautiful students Pam Jackson and Sian Pedder for your fab performances.

If you would like to learn Aerial Hoop or Aerial cube – get in contact with me via the website or CirqueFit Facebook page.

If you are an aerialist and want to ‘rent-a-play’ on my equipment – again get in touch!

Enough rabbiting – heres our performance ….



Aerial Playground 23rd September 4.30pm – 7pm St Catherine’s Fundraiser

Aerial Playground 23rd September 4.30pm – 7pm St Catherine’s Fundraiser


We are holding this Aerial Playground for adults. Money from the event will be donated to St Catherine’s Hospice as part of Amanda (instructor) and Pams (Bezzie mate and class helper) 2017 fundraising extravaganza . The gym will be rigged up with Aerial hoop, the Aerial cube, Aerial silks and much more. The Aerial Playground is a jam session for any existing practicing aerialists to come and play but there will also be an instructor at hand if any of you who have never tried aerial before would like to learn a move on one of the pieces of equipment. We highly recommend CROSSFIT members to come and have a go! Use your strength in a TOTALLY different way!

There is an AMAZING raffle with LOTS of local aerial schools giving away classes and much more….
Plus an Aerial Hoop Student performance on the day.

Entrance is only available by pre-payment, please complete the form below and you will receive an email with a link to pay for your place (If you have already paid by payday this form is all you need to complete) . Pre-payment must be made for entry.