Returning to aerial and pole fitness training after Lockdown

We are all so excited to be back at the gyms, hanging upside down, having fun with our aerial friends and getting back to normal.

But, before you return, there are just a few things I’d like to say.

Regardless of how many stretch, strength or yoga zoom classes you attended over lockdown, whilst these will have helped keep you strong and flexible, your body may not have been on a hoop or pole for a while.

Your first open training session needs to be sensible. Leave your ego at home and plan on gently easing yourself back into a bit of light conditioning and a few basic moves. You could be susceptible to injury especially if you haven’t been lucky enough to be regularly inverting at home. 


Even those of you who have been attending pole classes may find certain aerial hoop moves which you once found easy, are now not quite so. This can be due to using different muscles and also having to recap on technique.
Your hands will need to recondition to the hoop too, so don’t over do it at first.

For polers, your skin will need reconditioning. Yes, remember those ouches when you first started! Well you may be saying hello to a little bit of that again! But I can assure you, after a few weeks back into it, you will start to recondition. Again, be sensible. Start with spins, pull up tucks, pole sits and non inverted moves before you jump straight back into where you left off. And remember to work on both sides, every time!

Equally as important as all the above, ensure you warm up and cool down. If you skip this you WILL injure and your progression will be affected.

The last thing any of us want to do is get an injury just when the world is starting to turn again.

The most important part of my message in all this is…



Please don’t let yourself get upset when you realise you have taken a few steps back in your progression. This is to be expected. We will all have to rebuild our strength, conditioning and memory…. myself included!

Come to training expecting not to achieve much at first. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your body. It can, and will, do amazing things again. Just give it a little time.

Train safe guys….. and remember, stick to the COVID gym rules you signed in the PARQ! Unless you are in a bubble outside of class, stay socially distanced and don’t walk around the room! Some people may be feeling quite anxious at the moment. Consider everything and everyone around you.

That’s all folks, and I can’t wait to have you all back.




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