Lockdown Life

So, here we go again.

Hope you are all ok and non of you are out of work because of this lockdown. If any of you are feeling down at all throughout this time, just shout – I am always here. As per last lockdown, I am going to be using this time to focus on making sure i don’t lose strength / gain weight   get stronger and more toned!

So i will be strength and flexibility training (no equipment) numerous times a week, also pole training, and when (if) the weather allows, hoop too. I’m obviously happy to put a work schedule to this and commit to numerous times a week.
I hope that you all want to join me again. Last time was actually so much fun considering!

Obviously we work on a subscription basis so you can log in and suspend (not cancel) your subscription for November if thats best, and just re-activate it before the 5th December, but as we are only locking down for a month, you also have the option of choosing from one of the following if you want to stay strong and support CirqueFit at the same time 🙂

Here are your options….

1/  Lockdown Zoom Fitness month  £25 – access to all 20 zoom sessions in November from 5th Nov-
Tuesday 7am and 6.30pm
Wed 8am and 6.30pm
Thursday 11am and 7pm
click here to book

2/ Lockdown Zoom Pole Month – £25 – 4 online pole classes throughout November from 5th November –
choice of Tuesday 7.30pm or Thursday 12pm –  Click here to book

3/ Lockdown – weekly pole and all fitness zooms £35 Click here for more info 

4/ Lockdown – Private Zoom Pole or Aerial – Click here for more info 

5/ Leave your subscription as it is and claim it back in Private 1-2-1s. This can be pole, hoop, cube, hammock, trapeze (I now have 2!) Keyhole or Flying Pole. To be used in 3 months from when lockdown finishes.
Or have all the lockdown zooms and a private zoom flexibility session!

If you choose to get involved and purchase any of the above Lockdown activities, don’t forget to log in and suspend your subscription or you will pay for both. The above can also all be viewed in this link https://www.cirquefit.co.uk/product-category/book-a-class/

So glad we get today’s Halloween Jam and social to say good bye for a month in style!

Thanks and love you all.


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