We need a name for this move!

The Aerial Cube. It’s not really big (yet) in the UK so unlike Pole and Hoop, there aren’t widely recognised names for moves. When I purchased the cube, I also got some great Instructor demonstration videos from Pole and Aerial, which was awesome as along with learning how to instruct the moves, I learned the names of them.

But as we are progressing we are creating new moves and shapes every week.

I like this one that I did whilst training with Tanya Audas last week, but I’m not sure what to call it?

We got into it simply from coming through the inside of the cube from an outside diamond hocks hang.

There is probably a name for it somewhere, it probably varies from aerialist to aerialist, country to country.

So lets create a name for it!
Ideas please 🙂 ……

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