Our Aerial Cube Performance from todays Aerial Playground Fundraiser at CrossFit Leyland

I am so proud of Sian, she was a total beginner student of mine for a few month last year at the studio I used to work at, then had a massive break and has only been back since May – so really hasn’t been doing aerial for long.

It takes balls to get up in front of an audience, especially one with lots of other aerialists in it! But she SMASHED it and looked amazing! \

Anyway enough about us….

Thank you to each and every one of you who attended today. We raised a whopping £260 for Cathy Wilson s amazing and inspirational adventure
<- click her name! Need I say more!

We wish her all the luck in the world. She sent her thanks on Facebook and said the support has been truly overwhelming, |

Few more thanks – thanks to Imogen Brown from Air Hoop for the walk! Thanks to Erica for the rigging and for your fun Silks performance.

Thanks to Victoria from Pole Seduction for lending us her mats. (she runs adult and childrens pole classes in Preston and Wigan, along with aerial hoop)

Thanks to my beautiful students Pam Jackson and Sian Pedder for your fab performances.

If you would like to learn Aerial Hoop or Aerial cube – get in contact with me via the website or CirqueFit Facebook page.

If you are an aerialist and want to ‘rent-a-play’ on my equipment – again get in touch!

Enough rabbiting – heres our performance ….



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