Aerial Hoop and Aerial Cube class in Leyland – New 4.10pm Class

Aerial hoop Aerial Cube classes

Aerial Hoop and Aerial Cube class in Leyland – New 4.10pm Class launched this week.

It was great to see some brand new faces. Everyone did fantastic.

This week we created some amazing new shapes on the Aerial Cube, including a trio supported split move.

We worked on Split straddles on the Aerial Hoop, along with an awesome new Bow and Arrow move.

We also did a lot of Split Strop work. We love split strop. There are so many beautiful shapes to create.

Here are just a few of the photos from todays classes… the full album can be seen on our CirqueFitUk Facebook Page.

If you are interested in trying Aerial Hoop Classes or Aerial Cube lessons, please get in touch via this website, email or any of our social media pages.

Aerial Hoop and Aerial Cube is suitable for all ages and all abilities. We currently only offer classes for adults. Private tuition is available for children.


Please give us some Aerial Love <3

Aerial Cube Play Outside

Aerial Cube Aerial Hoop Leyland Preston Chorley Lancashire

So yesterday I borrowed one of my poor guinea pig students to train working on private 1-2-1 ‘on the bar’ double tuition with me!

I am loving the beauty of the mirrored moves that can be created with the cube. The first part of this video was planned, the second part was just freestyle as we came up with the last moves on the spot just as we were about to finish.

Unfortunately we had already lowered the cube because we had been practicing top bar moves in-between, so Sian ended up eating grass in the final single toe hang haha!

Sian was specifically helping me train with one-on-one sync in an ‘on the bar’ talk through tuition. I think you will agree it worked very well. I look forward to more double on the bar tuition.

If you would like a private aerial hoop or cube class at CrossFit in Leyland, in my training room at home, outdoors depending on weather or in your own home (dependant on ceiling height), please do not hesitate to ask.

Due to obvious reasons, one-on-one ‘on the bar’ cube double tuition with me is not for beginners and can only be carried out with students I have taught for long enough to thoroughly know their capabilities!


Please give us some Aerial Love <3